Authentic Scentsy™ Candles & Fragrance Products


Scentsy Electric Candle Warmers are the best candles on the market. Scentsy Products are of the highest quality, yet affordable. They actually cost less than jarred candles, and these Candle Warmers are safer for you and your home or office space. No flame means no smoke for you to breathe or soot to stains your walls and furniture. Scentsy Candles are Safe Candles that will give you peace of mind as well as gorgeous home decor accents for your home.Scentsy Product Features:

  • Beautifully designed and unique candle warmers
  • Over 80 highly scented fragrances
  • Long Lasting Candles – 60 to 80 hours warm time per Scentsy wax bar
  • Lead-free and wickless–no soot, no smoke, no flame
  • A Safe Candle for children and pets–Scentsy wax will NOT burn if touched while warming

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