Scentsy Buddy Stuffed Animals


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Welcome to the world of the Scentsy Buddy, cuddly companions for children of all ages. Each Scentsy animal features a zippered pocket to hold delightful Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak and watch your loveable friend come alive with one of your favorite scents.
Adopt a Scentsy Buddy animal for the child in your life (or the child in you!). Register your Scentsy Buddy at, where your child can adopt their Scentsy Buddy, play games, and print Scentsy Buddy coloring sheets.  For children ages 3 years and up. Every Scentsy Buddy animal includes one Scent Pak.

Scentsy has proven that they are the “Hottest New Thing in Candles”, and now they are selling the “Hottest New Thing in Stuffed Animals.” Scentsy Stuffed Animals known as a Scentsy Buddy is a soft cuddly Scentsy Animal that is the perfect gift for the children in your life.

Scentsy Buddy-How to insert Scent Pak

How does a Scentsy Buddy work? Each Scentsy Stuffed Animal has a hidden zipper in its back to hold a Scentsy Scent Pak™. There are over 30 Scentsy Scents to choose from for your Scentsy Buddy. Scent Paks are a soft high-thread count bag containing food-safe polymer beads injected with fragrance oil that fits into the back of your Scentsy Buddy. Your Scentsy Buddy will smell like your favorite Scentsy fragrance. Each Scentsy Buddy also comes with a handled box that is perfect for gift-giving or to tote around your Scentsy Buddy.

Scentsy Buddies are 5.5″ wide and 9.5″ tall when seated, and 15.5″ tall from head to toe. Just the right size to cuddle! You will be pleased to know that the Scentsy Buddy and the Scentsy Scent Paks have passed stringent product safety testing for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Both products passed specific safety tests for children’s toys. I know you will enjoy the kid-friendly Scentsy Buddy as they bring the Scentsy brand and fragrance experience to the entire family.

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